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The Facts. 

Every year, nearly 800,000 children go missing in the United States. In the event that such an unthinkable event was ever to occur, the first step for you, as a parent, is to immediately contact law enforcement. Among the steps law enforcement will take in the investigation of a missing child is 1. they will request a current photograph of the missing child, 2. they will attempt to locate the child's fingerprints, and 3. they will attempt to locate a DNA sample of the child. At Cody S & Associates, we provide a unique service that allows parents to be prepared in the event that that the unlikely and the unthinkable was ever to occur; a child abduction. 

A Pro-Active Approach. 
Are you prepared? By having all of your child's information readily available, you can provide law enforcement with all of this information quickly and easily. This enables law enforcement to more efficiently utilize the crucial first 24 hours of a missing child investigation in the unlikely event of a child abduction.

Quality & Security. Our California Department of Justice and FBI certified fingerprinting system enables us to provide parents with an affordable and practical tool in helping to safeguard your children - the "Child ID Kit." All of our fingerprinting technicians are certified fingerprint rollers by the California Department of Justice and have undergone and passed extensive California Department of Justice and FBI background checks. Our digital fingerprinting system automatically and securely purges all of the child's information immediately after the ID kit is prepared. The only record of the child's information that exists is on the CD that is provided to the parent.   

 -       A Child Identification Card Containing Your Child’s Vital Information

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