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CA BSIS  Approved Exposed Firearm Permit
Semi-Annual Requalification & 2-Hour Refresher Course

"California's Private Security Training Headquarters"

Cody S & Associates, Inc. - California BSIS Security and Firearms Training Facility Licenses TFF1330 & TIF2149

Don't Be Caught Out of Compliance
You Are Required to Re-Qualify Semi-Annually.

If you have a California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Permit for Exposed Firearm, you are required to:

> Re-Qualify Semi-Annually/Two Times Per Year <
> Complete a 2-Hour Refresher Course <



CA Bureau of Security and
Investigative Services Approved
 Exposed Firearm Permit Re-Qualification & 2-Hour Refresher Course
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How do the re-qualifications work? 

In California, anyone in the security (security guards/guard card licensees), alarm (alarm operators), or private investigation (private investigators) field that has an exposed firearm permit and carries a firearm on duty must complete a semi-annual shooting range along with a semi-annual 2-hour refresher course. We offer both of these services. You complete the 2-hour course online (self-paced), and once you finish the online portion, you come in for the range/shooting portion. It's that simple. 

Firearms Re-Qualification Overview
CA BSIS Approved Exposed Firearms Permit Re-Qualification

Course Structure
  • 2-Hour Refresher Course (ONLINE)
  • Range Re-Qualification (In-Person)

We have a limited amount of space in each of our courses and the spaced fill up quick. We do not accept walk-ins.

Enroll Today. Keep Your Firearm Permit Valid.

When Can I 
Re-Qualify for my BSIS Exposed Firearm Permit ?

Upcoming Range Dates
- No Re-Qualifications Currently Scheduled -
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Cost Overview

Re-Qualification Fee....$75.00

(Includes FREE Firearm Rental(s)!)

(This includes one caliber. You can re-qualify for additional calibers for $15.00 per additional caliber. If you would like to re-qualify with multiple calibers, you can pay the additional fees when you come in 
for the range portion.)